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Shannon Reynolds

“Put the Gloves Down: You CAN do this - Practical Ways to Empower your Heart, Body & Mind”  

Do you feel defeated before you even get started, whether it’s a fitness program, a
balanced diet, adequate sleep, relationships, feeling accomplished, accepted,
or enough? First and foremost, it’s time to put the gloves down; stop beating yourself
up. Breathe, you are enough! In this session, Shannon’s goal is to "BE REAL", offer
suggestions, tools, and a growth mindset -YOU CAN DO IT:  Fitness goals, better
health, balanced nutrition, overall wellness - mind & body. She hopes to equip you with practical steps/suggestions to help you to set attainable goals, find what works best for you, re-ignite your passion, recognize distractions, empower the warrior inside, encourage you to get started and inspire you to pick up your toolkit to succeed and help you acknowledge/discover your gifts, talents, value & strength.
Shannon loves to learn, help and encourage others. Fitness has been her vehicle for almost 20 years. Crossfit, Zumba, kickboxing, running, sculpt, strength classes - all of it has allowed her to help others. She is a Native American, Choctaw, navy brat born in Oklahoma, who had a very colorful upbringing (alcoholism/abuse) and left home at 15 years of age. Hardships created an opportunity for determination, strength, healing, faith which has made Shannon's journey all the more worth it: Beauty from ashes. Shannon is a newlywed. Bryant is her husband. Her family & children are my world. Blended now she has 4 children: Sydney (18), Gracee (15), Aidan (14) and Madison (10). Together we serve.
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