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Maya Golden Bethany

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                               “The Power of Making Herstory”

Your story matters. Your story, no matter how difficult the journey, has shaped you into the person you are today. Maybe you've wondered if you are enough. Maybe there was someone who told you who you are and what your experiences have been aren't significant. That voice may even be your own, telling you you don't deserve good things in your life. Those voices are a lie. Your story is empowering. Your words deserve to be heard. There are billions of people in the world but no one else has travelled your path. Maya discusses taking your story, the good and the bad, and using it to rewrite the narrative around you and your future.

Maya Golden is an Associated Press winning and Emmy-nominated freelance journalist in Tyler, Texas where her foundation, 1 in 3 Foundation, serves East Texas. Her memoir, The Return Trip, is set to be released in November from Rising Action Publishing Co. For Salon, she's written about fandoms and healing, for Insider, she's written about addiction, and for Black Girl Nerds, she's written about PTSD and dissociative disorders. Maya is a member of the Writers' League of Texas, Women's Fiction Writers Association, and the East Texas Writers Guild.
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