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Anissa Centers

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"Why do you need to become powerfully confident on camera? So that you can maximize your success in this video centric
world we live in!"

We live in a video world. How will you show up in it? You may not feel like being on camera but it can play an important role in meeting your career goals, drawing new clients to you or maintaining relationships with your current clients. Join Anissa Centers and she'll teach you how to become so comfortable on video that you promote yourself on camera like a boss, whether it's Zoom, Teams, on interviews or social media!

Anissa Centers is an Emmy award-winning broadcaster whose work has been seen by millions of people around the world.   Now an anchor in her native East Texas at KLTV, she has decades of experience interviewing Presidents, First Ladies, Senators, business leaders and world famous entertainers, while working at the network level and locally in Atlanta, Georgia --the 7th largest television market in the U. S.   She combines 20+ years in broadcasting with years of professional development training to deliver powerful motivational speeches and teach her clients how to communicate more confidently on video and in person so they clearly get their message across in this video world we live in. 
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