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Tara Odell

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                  “Cracking The Code of Work-Life Balance:
                            What No One is Talking About.”

As women we know what we need to do to achieve work-life balance: say “no” more; stop people-pleasing; let go of the ideal of perfectionism; set boundaries; manage time better; stop over-functioning; accept help, etc. etc. etc. So it begs the question, why is achieving work-life balance so elusive? In this session Tara will reveal the secret to mastering work-life balance consistently and guilt free in a world of chaos.

Tara is a wife, mom of three, and former corporate executive. As a high achiever, she thrived for 20 years in the banking industry but consistently struggled with sustaining work-life balance until ultimately burning out. After committing to her own burnout recovery and experiencing transformational change, she recognizes the way she approached her career was toxic and unsustainable. Now, she is passionate about providing 1:1 coaching and corporate training to help individuals manage and prevent burnout through self-discovery, healing and practical work-life balance solutions using her Rewire and Restore Framework.
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