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Shannon Reynolds

                             “Breathe - One Healing Step at a Time”  

Gentle movement, breathwork and mediation to soothe the heart, mind and body. The intention of this session is to meet you exactly where you are and offer a safe place to breathe, be present, reconnect, move, let go and be refreshed in every way. We will begin with intentional meditation, a reading and an opportunity to be present with breathing... then gentle movement will be introduced that you may or may not choose to do (again all of it will be your choice). We will conclude with relaxation, breathe and sound bowls. Benefits of sound bowls: relaxation, can stimulate calm brain waves (alpha/theta brain waves), may help reduce pain, improve mental health (reducing feelings of tension/anxiousness) and can boost overall well-being (bringing balance).

Health and fitness fun have been sprinkled throughout my life as long as I can remember... November 2023 - I will have taught fitness for 27 years. I am extremely grateful for all aspects of my career as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, dance instructor, crossfit coach, volleyball coach and track & field coach. This last year I completed trauma-informed yoga instructor training and Reiki level 1, opening more doors and providing more tools for health and healing. I love people - I am passionate about helping and encouraging others to grow, be empowered, get stronger, be gentler with themselves, achieve their goals and heal in every way - mind, body, and spirit. I am experiencing freedom in ways I never knew existed and am very excited about my life... Embracing being a "hot mess" and learning even more, we were not designed to do any of this alone. My greatest blessing are my two children and fiancé. Aidan Michael is my son who is 19 years old and in his first year of college and Madison Grace is my daughter who is 15 years old, a sophomore in high school. Divorced twice and newly engaged to my col
lege sweetheart, Ryan Wayne Rider. Only God knew it had to be him, my best friend, my person, my safe place... all part of my healing journey. Along with my fiance Ryan, I am grateful for a bonus son, Zane Rider, who is 22 years old and is a blessing in every way.
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