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Lisa Pulliam

“S.T.E.P. into the Woman You were Created to Be”

"S.T.E.P. into the Woman You were Created to Be" is for women who sense the current of something fresh and new happening in your life and are hungry for direction, encouragement, and the steps to take toward discovering the deeper and greater purpose for which you were created.
Lisa Pulliam is on a mission to live a courageous and impactful life. For 16 years, Lisa's joy was at home raising their four children, and as a ministry leader and pastor's wife. Her entrepreneurial spirit lead her into the direct sales industry in 2009 and she became an Executive Consultant in her company. Lisa is the author of three books: Toes in the Sand, Behind her Brand, and Souls in the Sand and her passion is to inspire women to face fears, overcome their past, and realize who they were created to be.
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