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Laurie Cromwell

Follow Your Instinct

It is a “man’s” world only if you let it happen.  And what does that mean exactly?  A woman’s world is confident, risk taking, compassionate, impactful and even a little scary at times.  Who would not want to be in that world?  Whether it is running for a political office, starting your own business, being a mother, or leading a charity – listen to your instincts and align them with your skill set.  As women, the balance of personal and professional worlds collide on a regular basis.  Listen to the story of someone who took entrepreneurial risks, developed personal and professional strategies, and the balancing act required to accomplish your goals.




Laurie Cromwell was the first woman elected to an at large position on the local school board, the first woman school board president, the first president of the local education foundation, the first woman president of the local Economic Development Commission, and a founding Board member of the local Chamber of Commerce. She was the first person to receive Chamber Citizen of the Year and the first to receive the Outstanding Service Award by the Texas Pioneer Foundation.  She started her mission in the nonprofit field in 1984 and in 2003 founded Foundation Innovation, a consulting firm that has guided hundreds of education foundations and school boards to success.

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