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Karol Spence

Finding Health and Happiness through Choosing the Right Foods

Karol is a Certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and is part of the team at Integrated Health Matters in Tyler, Texas. In 2015, Karol was hired as the first Health Coach for a major national organic grocery store chain in Tyler, Texas.  While there, she coached individuals with ways to improve their health through nutritional supplements, choices of dietary foods and provided programs regarding cooking with various ingredients and their health benefits.  These programs which included literature about various health benefits were also scheduled at local schools, businesses, health fairs, nursing homes, and churches. Through these various events and the multitude of people she came in contact with, she realized the community was reaching out to her and became her extended family as they worked together for a better healthier tomorrow. Ultimately, Karol helped many people overcome digestive and health related issues.


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