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Daisy Hargraves

LIFT: A Higher Look at Health and Fitness

Need a booty lift? How about a face lift? Better yet, how about a mood lift? In this breakout session, you will work together with Daisy to defy gravity and change your body image by changing your perspective. Lift weights. Lift your mood. Lift others!

Daisy Mae Hargraves is a wife, homeschool mother of 3, fitness instructor, personal health coach and business owner. Before motherhood, Daisy worked in public education as a high school teacher. She later went on to study film and acting at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. As exciting as Hollywood was, Daisy found that her best role was that of a mom and health coach. After 20 years in the fitness industry, she's  now the owner of Anytime Fitness, Huffman, TX and founder of Flower Power, a private social media group that inspires women to access their fierce power to love, to be optimistic and to honor their own unique design and purpose. When she isn't coaching or teaching, you might find Daisy actively exploring God's creation with her beautiful, adventurous family. Daisy challenges all to be thankful for each breath, seize each day, to leave comfort for progress, to embrace failure as hidden success, and to chase hard after the Maker of it all!

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