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Summer Tillson

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“When Two Worlds Collide - Navigating Life while Co-Parenting, One Mom's Perspective. ”
When the trials of parenting meet emotionally charged life events head on, relationships can get tricky. This session will provide one mom's perspective on how to keep love, respect, and trust at the forefront of modern day co-parenting.
Summer has 10 years of experience, along with years of personal research on positive co-parenting relationships. Her naturally inquisitive mindset on child development and psychology motivated her to create as positive an environment as possible for her son to grown up in, despite the traditional relationship with his father deteriorating rapidly. Summer is a former Champions for Children of Smith County Board Member and current High School Marketing Instructor for TISD Career and Technology Center. She feels both roles have allowed her to merge a passion for building and fostering positive relationships along with the development of children during their formative years into one.
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