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Shannon Reynolds

“Journey. Process...Finding Your Way.”  
Broken, overlooked, forgotten, confused, exasperated... Feelings that many of us have experienced throughout trying seasons of life. We are not alone in these feelings. The beauty of our brokenness is unique as we are all traveling from one place to another, experiencing life and doing the best we can. In this session, you will learn ways to navigate through hard seasons, maintain perspective, gain insight on how to find joy and hope regardless of circumstances, take hold of the power of choice, and identify how to recognize the good coming from difficult times. Most importantly learn how powerful your brokenness can be not only empowering you on this journey but helping others along the way.
Shannon Reynolds is a mother, wife and fitness enthusiast who loves to learn, connect, help and encourage others. Fitness has been her platform and vehicle to connect to others for more than 20 years including formats such as Zumba, crossfit, strength training, kickboxing, running, ballet barre and wellness programs. She is passionate about serving and sharing transparently as she has learned gratitude for each and every step of her journey.
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