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Cynthia Culver

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Keynote Speaker

In a culture that prizes immediate gratification and quick tips to transform your life, why are so many people facing the same issues day after day, year after year. Have you had an area of your life you felt stuck in and hopeless to change? Have you tried all the quick and easy solutions only to find yourself back at the same place? Join us as we explore four principles that when practiced over time will guide you down the path of becoming unstuck.
Cynthia was raised in Tyler and went to school in Austin where she graduated from the University of Texas in 1992. In 2002, after seven years in business, she left the corporate world to pursue a Masters in Counseling at Dallas Theological Seminary. She has spent the last 17 years working with individuals in a variety of settings, from a counseling private practice to church, and now coaching in the corporate world, small businesses and individually. What she loves to do is help people get unstuck! It is her passion to help people gain clarity on what matters to them and develop a plan to live it out! She takes her clients through a process of identifying their own broken mindsets that may be hindering them as well as the mindsets needed to overcome their barriers. Along the way, she helps her clients gain clarity on what matters to them and a plan to move toward those things.
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