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Lisa Pulliam

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Keynote Speaker

“Meet the Woman You Were Created to Be"
Are you at a crossroads in life? Are you in a season where you wonder, "Is this all there is? Have I missed something?" Or maybe this question nags at your soul, "Who am I and what was I put on this earth to do?"
You see, I believe that no matter what season of life you are in, what profession you've chosen, what responsibilities you are juggling, and what burdens you are carrying, there is a calling on your life that is greater than what you can see right now. Meet the woman YOU were created to be. Today
Lisa Pulliam is a mom of four, wife to Chris, and a new grandma. Ten years ago Lisa stepped out of her comfort zone of being a stay at home mom, and into the world of entrepreneurship and leadership in the direct sales industry. Through the last decade, Lisa’s passion and true calling emerged: To inspire women to be all God created them to be. She is the author of two books, Toes in the Sand and Souls in the Sand: Stories of Setbacks, Surviving, Stepping and Soaring as well as the Founder of the Toes in the Sand Women’s Retreats, her semi-annual retreat for women on her favorite beach in South Texas. She is also the founder of a new personal growth course called, “True Calling: The 5 Step Pathway to Reclaim Your Dreams and Live with Joy and Purpose.” Lisa is honored to serve as Elder of her church and on the Welcome Team but she especially enjoys pouring into the middle school students on Sunday mornings. She enjoys sunrises and sunsets at the beach, listening to podcasts, and taking long walks, but her favorite new pastime is being “Lulu” to her precious 2 year old granddaughter Emma and her baby brother Matthew!
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