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Yaziri Orrostieta

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“Being an Outlier: Turning your differences into strengths. ”
Over the course of my life, I've always felt like an outlier. Different in many aspects of my life; from personal to professional settings. Join me as I share with you how I learned to turn those differences into strengths and embrace what makes me unique.
“Being Your Own Woman vs. Cultural and Family Influences ”
Today's woman embraces a greatly different approach to life and work than the generations before. But who we are as modern women can still be greatly shaped by heritage, the belief system in which we were raised, religion and ethnicity. Our panelists discuss the trials and triumphs of being their own woman moving into the 2020's versus significant life influences.
Yaziri Orrostieta is the Chief Executive Officer at WorkHub. Prior to her current position, she served as Vice President of Marketing at Heritage Land Bank.. She is also a real estate entrepreneur. Yaziri earned her M.B.A. from the University of North Texas and her B.B.A. in Marketing from the University of Texas at Tyler. In 2018, Yaziri was the recipient of the W.C. Windsor award, honoring Tyler’s most outstanding citizen under the age of 40.
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