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Anissa Centers

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"Tell ‘Em What You Really Think: Why Women need to stop biting their tongues, muzzling themselves and suppressing their power"

Women have been taught to bite their tongue‘s, make the peace, and suppress their power in order to make others more comfortable or fit into the boxes that have been built for them. It’s a way of life that eats away at the very core of who you are and keeps you from becoming all you can be. In this powerful call to action, Anissa Centers explains the high cost of not speaking your truth and shares powerful, effective, and practical ways to find your voice and show up in this world in all of your glory.
"USE YOUR WORDS- You can communicate confidently and clearly."

* Do you walk away from conversations frustrated because you didn’t say what you were really thinking or feeling?
* Do you have a personal or professional relationship where you feel like you’re not heard or don’t feel comfortable speaking up?
Too often, women don’t speak their minds because they believe they don’t know what to say or they’re not comfortable saying it. That ends today. Join Anissa Centers and she will guide you through an effective step-by-step process of finding the words to powerfully express your needs in a way that feels good.
Anissa Centers is a speaker and coach who delivers insightful, engaging and inspiring messages about how to consciously create the life you really want. She’s an Emmy award-winning broadcast news anchor whose work has been seen by millions around the world. For decades, Anissa has interviewed Presidents, First Ladies, Senators, business leaders, world famous entertainers and others operating at the highest levels, allowing her to study success in every field. She combines all of that with years of personal development training to help you, finally, get what you want, whether it’s more confident speaking, decision making or motivation.
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