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Carmen Basinger

Favorite Failures Panelist

“You’ll laugh about this one day” - Easier said than done. Most women have felt what seem like unbearable inadequacies and unforgivable failures. It’s OK! You’re not alone! It’s how we handle these experiences and what we learn from them that’s important. Join us as we laugh (and maybe cry) rehashing Favorite Failures and candid stories with a panel of inspiring women. We believe you’ll walk away empowered to fail and encouraged to tackle your next challenge.




In 2015, Carmen Basinger took control of her life and business and created with her darling husband. Together, they're braving the wild frontier of real estate, while mixing in Carmen's passion for the East Texas community. Carmen has been involved in the real estate industry since she started crawling through windows of vacant homes for her interior designing mother. She got her license to make herself "legal!" She has navigated the worlds of new construction, commercial realty, and has set down roots in the single family real estate realm. Her passion for helping people to grow personally and professionally has lead to many great successes, and as you'll hear about today, failures. Carmen stays busy as a full time Realtor, wife and mother. She and her husband have worked on the committee for Sip in the City's winter and spring events. When she isn't carting around kids, clients or cats; volunteering for church; or any other event she can get into, she prefers to travel to beautiful QUIET places.

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