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LaQuesha McQuay

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“21st Century Women Faithfully Working In Ministry”

This topic Is designed to focus on women walking out their spiritual journey uniquely
designed just for them in this multifaceted world. What having faith as a 21st century
woman looks like. Creating women's ministries and dealing with women’s issues not
discussed in your ordinary traditional worship service. We will also incorporate how to
"balance" the messages of the church with the messages we receive daily in our own
personal lives and in the lives of others around us.
Quesha McQuay is an effortless role model that has been called for such a time as this. She excepted Christ at a very young age and is passionately devoted to her relationship with Christ. She has been graced to call others out of darkness into the light. Her greatest joy apart from her family is bringing hope and love to people suffering with everyday life battles. She began her first Outreach ministry that extended beyond the four walls of the church in October 2017. Women Cloths has already brought much needed healing deliverance & change to many broken women! She's a great encourager to the body of Christ with a purpose to turn the hearts of people back towards their Faith in such a Faithless generation.
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