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Bobbie Burks, MA, LPC-S, BCPCC

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“When What We Thought Would Fix Us Didn’t: Dealing with unmet expectations and disappointment.”
There cannot be life without expectations. But what happens when our peace, our joy, our health depend on expectations of ourselves and others that may not be realistic or reasonable? In this interactive session, we will explore reaching beyond traditional expectations and moving toward freedom and growth.
Bobbie Burks is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Tyler, Texas, where she operates a solo practice with her comfort dog, Ginger. She is a life survivor, with a multifaceted resume that has taken her all over the world since her beginnings as the only adopted daughter of a a Marine Corps lifer. She holds certifications in many areas of psychological intervention methods as well as maintaining her status as a Board-Certified Professional Christian Counselor. She is an avid motorcyclist, and enjoys spin cycling, walking, reading, and music with her three dogs and husband, Phil. They have four children and six grandchildren, as well as two foster-grands.
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