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Lara Eastburn

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“Speak Human, Win The Internet”
When it comes to promoting your personal or business brand in digital spaces, the consensus of the internet gurus is clear. 'It's impossible to break through the noise.'
I DISAGREE! I propose that it's much simpler than you think. Start by telling the truth. Honesty can feel so rare online that your audience immediately recognizes it, engages, and responds. Discover what it means to 'take off your virtual business suit' and embrace YOUR flavor of "weird." I will challenge you to have FUN when posting on social media - especially for business! Let's settle in to the idea of Speaking Human so that you can Win The Internet. Every day.
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Lara started her first business when she was 12 and has been a champion for smaller business ever since. Self-professed “social media mixologist," she is a Facebook Ads specialist with an international clientele. Lara brings a doctorate in French and Linguistics (yeah, she's a word geek) and a whole lot of sass to her work teaching small business owners how to “speak human” online. So you can win the internet every day. When she's not eating, breathing, and sleeping all things Facebook, you'll find her laughing, singing, and dancing with husband Drew and two young daughters.

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